House / Deck / Fence Staining

Our dedication to making your home as beautiful as possible goes for your yard too. Pull up to a property that makes you proud every day by ensuring your house, deck and fenced are stained to an incredibly high standard.

When we begin staining, we strip the remains of any stain that is on the house deck or fence before we start. When we’re working on a property, we have to make sure that everything is under 15% moisture then we’ll mask up the house to avoid staining anything we shouldn’t be and spray and back roll two coats of stain.

For decks we strip and then fully sand down the full deck handrails and wraps, do a moisture reading 15% or under, then we will start masking off the side of the house, bushes and shrubbery, concrete doors and anything else we don’t want to stain. After we clean off dust, we then start spraying and back roll on staining for the first coat and second coat for longer-lasting, beautiful finish.

For fences we power wash with a cleaning agent strip make sure it’s under 15% moisture then spray two coats of stain.

We use various types of stain either oil or water based and make sure we use the right one for your needs.

If you’re looking for an outstanding finish on your decking, fencing or home, don’t hesitate to contact Color Coated Painting LLC today. We’re friendly and professional with a level of experience and expertise that ensures you get the perfect look every time.