Interior & Exterior Detail

All painting projects begin with prep: repair all nail holes and cracks with spackle or caulk. If necessary,
holes are repaired with mud or drywall is replaced and sprayed with texture to ensure perfect blends.

Ceilings are sprayed and back rolled for the first coat and rolled for the second coat. Walls are rolled with
18 or 9 inch pressure rollers.

All trim is masked off with frog tape to ensure there is no bleed through. All floors are protected with paper and the trim is covered with plastic to avoid any paint on the trim. All cabinets and other surfaces are masked off with frog tape and covered with plastic as well.

All repaired areas are sanded and wiped to remove any dust. The first coat is a primer that is applied with a sprayer for even cover. Once all primer is dry, we spray the first coat of paint which is Emerald urethane trim paint. Once the first coat is dry, we apply the final coat.

Before demasking we double check to ensure everything is perfect. Any areas of concern are addressed at this time. Demasking begins at the top and we work down from there making sure all lines are crisp and clean.

Once demasking is complete we vacuum, sweep, and wipe down the entire work area. All work areas are left clean and tidy.